Coastal Research

A body of work produced during Marks research degree which involved the development of novel techniques to measure the impact of high energy events on shingle beach geomorphology can be found below.

Research Papers

  • Lee, M., Bray, M., Workman, M.H.W and Pope, D.J. 2000. Coastal shingle tracing: a case study using the Electronic Tracer System (ETS). Book Chapter in Tracing for Geomorphology. September 2000. Chapter: 22, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Editors: Ian Foster, pp.413-435
  • Lee, M., Bray, M., Workman, M.H.W., Collins, M.B and Pope, D.J. 2000. Coastal shingle tracing: A case study using the 'Electronic Tracer System' (ETS). In special issue on Earth surface processes and landforms). January 2000.
  • Vougaris, G., Workman, M.H.W and Collins, M.B 1999. Measurement Techniques of Shingle Transport in the Nearshore Zone. Journal of Coastal Research 15(4):1030-1039 · September 1999.
  • Bray, M., Workman, M.H.W., Smith, J and Pope, D.J. 1996 Field measurements of shingle transport using electronic tracers. Conference: Proceedings of the 31st MAFF Conference of River and Coastal Engineers, At Loughborough, UK, Volume: pp. 10.4.1-10.4.13 July 1996