Futures Facilitation and Workshop Curation

Mark is also a trained facilitator with accreditations in a range of Dr Edward de Bono's practical, proven thinking, communication and facilitation tools; attended Executive training on the employment of Scenarios on the Oxford Scenarios Programme; and is trained in the use of the different futures methods and processes in the Government Office of Science Futures Tool Kit.

He facilitates simulations to develop insights for better decision making, runs futures workshops and curates strategy development sessions with creative teams.  

He has a specialisation in Innovation and Strategy development with proven delivery track record working with Disruptive Technology Teams. Other capabilities include: Strategy Delivery, Futurist Activities, Idea Generation, Identifying Consumer Frames, Business Model Development and Impact of Digitisation.

Testimonials from previous workshops include:

`Mark Workman…..managed to boost my self-confidence and pushed us all to perform above our expectations’
(Workshop Attendee, Nov 2016)

`Mark Workman. The motivation he breathes is incredible.’
(Workshop Attendee, Nov 2017)

`Mark (Workman) was brilliant, with large groups (and) when reviewing…’
(Workshop Attendee, Nov 2017)

Thought pieces - 1 page summaries - from facilitation exercises:

  • The role of radical energy futures in understanding how UK regulation might evolve - presentation at Ofgem on 5th June 2019 - Summary Forthcoming.
  • The potential role of psychographics in the energy sector: Mapping and understanding the experimental requirements for the development of insights into energy sector opportunities and threats - May to September 2019 Project - Summary Forthcoming.
  • The potential role of venture capital investment allocation in assessing weak signals from the future - May to September 2019 Project - Summary Forthcoming.
  • Visioning Net Zero Emissions Futures - Facilitation project in development for Q1,2020

For inquiries regarding facilitation and workshop curation please get in contact with Mark on mark@foresighttransitions.co.uk