Profile and Thought Leadership

Dr Mark Workman, Director at Foresight Transitions, is a Coastal Engineer (University of Southampton), Military (Queens Gurkha Engineers) and Business Leader (Medical and Security Consultancy), Environmental Economist, Academic (Imperial College London) and Strategist by training. He has undertaken military tours (gaining two awards for leadership), led extreme and high risk expeditions all over the world and run multi-million dollar business units. His experience can be found on his linked in profile.

Today he is focused on addressing humanity’s grand challenges with particular specialisation in:

  • Energy innovation and transitions
  • Rebalancing the carbon cycle (negative emissions)
  • Environmental and climate change
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Decision making under Deep Uncertainty
  • Science communication - especially around climate change

Mark is also a trained facilitator with accreditations in a range of Dr Edward de Bono's practical, proven thinking, communication and facilitation tools; attended Executive Training on the employment of Scenarios on the Oxford Scenarios Programme; and is trained in the use of the different Futures Methods and Processes in the Government Office of Science Futures Tool Kit.  For more details see Facilitation page.