Futures Facilitation and Workshop Curation

A qualified facilitator, Dr Mark Workman has accreditations in a range of Dr Edward de Bono’s practical, proven thinking, communication and facilitation tools; attended executive training on the employment of scenarios on the Oxford Scenarios Programme; and is trained in the use of the different futures methods and processes in the Government Office of Science Futures Tool Kit.

Mark draws upon the practices of structured decision-making and risk assessment. He works closely with clients to develop qualitative and quantitative models, facilitate expert elicitation workshops, and apply structured decision-making to various management decision contexts — particularly those around net zero and technology development.

He facilitates simulations to develop insights for better decision making, runs futures workshops, and curates strategy development sessions with creative teams.

He has a specialisation in Innovation and Strategy development with proven delivery track record working with Disruptive Technology Teams. Other capabilities include: Strategy Delivery, Futurist Activities, Idea Generation, Identifying Consumer Frames, Business Model Development, and Impact of Digitisation.

Downloads: Research Papers

Short summaries of futures research, presentations, and exercises (pdf).

The Role of Collective Intelligence in Social Co-Production of Greenhouse Gas Removal Development and Scale-Up: A Case Study Leeds-Yorkshire. Submitted to Nesta as part of a Collective Intelligence Call by Mark Workman, Ans Vercammen, and Richard Heap.

Psychographics and Consumer Energy Consumption Patterns—An Assessment of Energy Sector Opportunities Research Workstream
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. Developed by Freya Espir, Lucy Lui, Mark Workman, and Graham Oakes.


Watch on Vimeo: Climate change and the people puzzle — Richard Poole, Fluxx.
Lecture given at Imperial College, 30 Jan 2020; with an introduction by Mark Workman, Energy Futures Lab.

Using futures analysis to develop resilient climate change mitigation strategies. (June 2020)
See also: Grantham Institute Briefing paper No 33. (pdf)


Feedback from Workshop Attendees

Mark was brilliant, with large groups (and) when reviewing […].
Workshop Attendee
Nov 2017
Mark Workman. The motivation he breathes is incredible.
Workshop Attendee
Nov 2017
Mark Workman managed to boost my self-confidence and pushed us all to perform above our expectations.
Workshop Attendee
Nov 2016

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