Military and Climate Security Papers

Conceptual thinking around the security considerations for a low carbon transition and a collection of insights during Mark’s service in the Royal Engineers and the Queens Gurkha Engineers between 1998 to 2004 can be found below.

Downloads: Research Papers and Landscaping Projects

Climate aware and resilient national security: Challenges for the 21st Century, 2020 Climate change has been identified as one of the most serious threats to national security.  These climate-induced risks will have severe consequences to UK national security in terms of overseas instabilities generating new threats to the internal security of the UK. To create this evidence base, a substantive research programme is required, which gets to the heart of understanding changing climate security as the outcome of complex, interconnected, dynamical systems.  

Working with the Alan Turing Institute, climate, security and decision making specialists the following landscaping document was compiled with this accompanying summary 

Sawas, A., Workman, M.H.W., and Mirumachi, N., 2018.
Climate change, low carbon transitions and security.
Grantham Briefing Paper No 25. April 2018.

Lieutenant Mark H.W. Workman RE 1998.
Some thoughts on Wider Peacekeeping and the Key Role that Military Engineering Plays.
The Royal Engineer Journal, December 1999 Vol 112 (3). Institute of Royal Engineers.

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