Foresight Transitions

Decision support and strategy development
in possible net zero futures

Our services

Foresight Transitions provides high quality, bespoke analysis around technical systems, financial modelling, user perceptions and experiences, innovation diffusion, markets, regulatory and policy risks in possible net zero futures—accommodating for deep uncertainty.

We bridge the requirement for deep technical and systems knowledge around deep decarbonisation with the need to manage the complexity of societal and human systems to implement net zero strategies. We employ energy systems, economic and financial modelling, design thinking, ethnographic and futures approaches within an integrated exploratory construct to realise technical and socially robust impact.

Deep Research

Foresight Transitions offers a unique level of technical, energy systems, economic, financial and policy research to provide cutting edge decision support across possible net zero transitions.

Systemic Insights

We provide systemic insights on engagements by facilitating participatory and socio-constructive processes. Thereby ensuring a range of value sets are accommodated for when developing decision support for strategy design.

Mixed Methods

We apply an exploratory approach which integrates mixed methods. Technical knowledge, systems and financial modelling, stakeholder needs, user perceptions, experiences and regulatory and policy turbulence in possible futures allows the decision space to be characterised accommodating for deep uncertainty.

…questions are being asked about why executive expertise within institutions and corporates no longer seems able to provide its leaders with reliable and comprehensive horizon scanning that will prevent the surprise or shock from ‘unthinkables.’
–Nick Gowling and Chris Langdon

No matter how clearly one thinks, it is impossible to anticipate precisely the character of [the] future…
The key is to not be so far off the mark that it becomes impossible to adjust once that character is revealed.
–Sir Michael Howard

A good plan, violently executed today, is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.
–George Patton

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