Climate Works Foundation. A case study on carbon removal value chain establishment and scaling and the associated socio-legal, participatory consent and social co-production requirements in the Leeds-Yorkshire region, UK.

University of Oxford, Smith School. Carbon removal techo-economic assessment exercise across a number of Greenhouse Gas Removal value chains.

Energy Systems Catapult. Development of an ecosystem of energy foresight tools to realise co-evolutionary approaches to possible energy futures.

Atkins. Generating, stress testing, and assessing a 5 year strategy to 2025 for different possible net zero futures; and assessing the implications of C-19 on the realisation of Net Zero by 2050.

Imperial College London. Delivery of modules for the world renowned Sustainable Energy Futures Masters Course. Directorship for 2019-20 cohort and futures capacity development for possible energy futures and carbon removal

University of Leeds. Carbon Removal proto-market Workshopping exercise.

Virgin Earth Challenge. Strategic advice from 2010 for the management and running of the ground breaking and pioneering Carbon Removal competition established in 2006.

Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre, Ministry of Defence. Consultancy on the role of energy transitions and futures in strategic planning for future conflict.

Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge. Strategic Decision making around “What impact will the 2040 UK ban on petrol and diesel have on military operations?”

Defence Science Technology Laboratory. Participatory futures assessment exercise development and its impact on decision making. 

The Alan Turing Institute. Futures assessment exercise for the implications of the development of carbon removal infrastructure on other UK infrastructure sectors.

Rolls Royce. Strategy Development for the realisation of a proto-market for Carbon Removal and how to operate in possible Net Zero Futures