Decision Making and Strategy Under Uncertainty

The world is becoming increasingly complex. Making strategy in such turbulent and uncertain futures requires the drawing upon of different tools such as scenario analysis, robust decision making, game theory, and integrated assessment modelling. These are being developed and implemented in a highly fragmented manner within and across sectors.

Foresight Transitions develops a holistic, multi-disciplinary, and end-to-end perspective to decision-making under uncertainty. The work seeks to develop learning across sectors and disciplines with a view to highlighting areas for future capacity development and collaboration between academic-industry and policy partners to address better understanding across domains and sectors.

The most recent evolution of this work is the creation of the Analysis under Uncertainty for Decision Makers, please see

Downloads: Research Papers

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Grantham Briefing Paper No 33 with the Climate Works Foundation.

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Links: Research Papers and Conferences

Oasis Loss Modelling Framework Conference – The good, the bad and the ugly, 2nd July 2020
Complex Systems, Modelling, Decision Making Under Uncertainty Session.
Presentation to the Insurance Sector on Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Lessons from the Security and Energy Sector.  

Considerable intellectual effort has been focused in managing uncertainty in decision making. This has tended to be centered on the development of increasingly sophisticated and opaque parametric decision support tools.

It is argued that this allocation of resources is miss-guided. To improve the quality of decision making under uncertainty there is a need to develop a culture under which:

  • Learning to live with uncertainty is embraced and the appropriate tools and processes applied;
  • The role of institutional, anthropological, ontological and psychological issues are given greater prominence; and
  • Recognition that decision making under uncertainty is a competency requiring training.

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